Zygomatic Implant

Zygomatic implants are implants applied to the zygoma bone, called the cheekbone.

About Zygomatic Implant

The zygomatic implant method is applied with general anesthesia. Holes are made in the cheekbones and the implant screws are placed at the appropriate angle. After the screws are placed, a temporary dental prosthesis is attached. Finally, the implants are left to heal. This application is made for patients who have lost a large part of their upper jawbone. In cases where there is no suitable implant for the upper jawbone, long implants are used and support is obtained from the cheekbone. For this method, the cheekbones have enough strength.



  • Patients have a prosthetic jaw and prosthetic teeth
  • Patients who cannot have implants get prosthetic teeth
  • In this context, patients who are exposed to osteoporosis are provided with the opportunity to have implants without treatment.
  • Cheekbone support is possible for all patients to have implants.
  • Patients who experience jaw loss as a result of diseases such as cancer and tumors can participate in the zygomatic implant operation.
  • Patients can start using their teeth with a suitable prosthesis on the implant.

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Treatment Price List

Full Arch Implant (Single Jaw)
2.350 €
All On Four (Single Jaw)
1.950 €
Hollywood Smile (For Porcelain)
900 €
Hollywood Smile (For Zirconium)
1.500 €
All On Six (Single Jaw)
2.340 €
Single Implant + Crown
270 €
Zygomatic Implant
5.500 €

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