Hoollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a plastic surgery that aims to make your smile more aesthetic and interesting than its normal appearance. It has contents such as balancing the teeth and extending their length.

About Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile, which is preferred especially by artists, theater actors, actors, managers, speakers, teachers, sales and marketing specialists, public relations and HR employees, aims to proportion the person’s tooth alignment to the face, and to bring the dental tissue and health to an ideal level. While designing the smile, applications such as zircon crowns, bonding, whitening, gingival operations, bridges, tooth length adjustment and lip shaping are also used.

It will be advantageous for everyone who wants to make the first impression effectively, to have natural and healthy teeth, to gain self-confidence, to get rid of dental disorders, not to suffer from gum diseases, to smile as they feel like, to have a smile aesthetic. Orthodontists can design teeth suitable for all ages, genders and oral structures with computer-aided programs. Satisfaction with the appearance of the person is the biggest goal of smile design.

Contents of Hollywood Smile

  • Smile design is a personalized process.
  • Veneers are porcelain
  • Filling and lengthening of teeth
  • Tooth filing
  • Repairing broken teeth

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Treatment Price List

Full Arch Implant (Single Jaw)
2.350 €
All On Four (Single Jaw)
1.950 €
Hollywood Smile (For Porcelain)
900 €
Hollywood Smile (For Zirconium)
1.500 €
All On Six (Single Jaw)
2.340 €
Single Implant + Crown
270 €
Zygomatic Implant
5.500 €

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