All on Six Dental Implant

All-on-6 implant therapy is a fixed prosthesis procedure that involves inserting six implants at certain angles in patients who have lost teeth.

About All on Six Dental Implant Treatment

All upper or lower teeth can be replaced with the All on 6 dental implant treatment. This treatment is used to rebuild a patient’s mouth when a considerable number of teeth have been lost in one or both jaws. This procedure allows the patient to have all of their teeth replaced with six natural-looking dental implants. Bone grafting is seldom required with the All-on-6 implant. As a result, it’s the ideal treatment for people who have low jaw bone density or volume. The All-on-6 therapy is a more durable and healthy alternative to dentures.

Six implants are inserted into the lower or upper jawbone to hold the dentures in place permanently. Following a thorough examination, your dentist uses digital x-rays or computed tomography to assess the anatomical components of the mouth. After that, your dentist will assess the bone loss and imprints in order to restore your smile. The implants in the jawbone merge with the jawbone over time, behaving as a natural tooth root and providing patients with a genuine grin.


  • Implants, unlike dentures, are permanently implanted in your mouth and do not loosen or dislodge.
  • It is less expensive than replacing each lost tooth separately.
  • Advanced surgical treatments are not necessary, and bone grafting is required.
  • For persons of all ages who have lost all of their teeth, all-on-6 implants are a fantastic choice.
  • It helps preserve a youthful face shape and improved dental health by preventing future bone loss in the jaw.

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Treatment Price List

Full Arch Implant (Single Jaw)
2.350 €
All On Four (Single Jaw)
1.950 €
Hollywood Smile (For Porcelain)
900 €
Hollywood Smile (For Zirconium)
1.500 €
All On Six (Single Jaw)
2.340 €
Single Implant + Crown
270 €
Zygomatic Implant
5.500 €

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