All On Four

All on four implant technique, with its simplest definition, is an implant treatment applied with all teeth.

About All On Four

It is feasible to respond in the form of a 4-implantation technique, which can be used on patients who are missing all of their teeth. To elaborate on this description, the all-on-four implant technique is made up of four implants that are inserted in the jawbone. There is no root-like structure in ordinary dentures to keep the teeth in place in the mouth. There are root-like supports to fix the teeth in four distinct areas of the jaw in the All on 4 dental implant procedure.


To Do List

  • In the first stage, there is a doctor's treatment, just like in traditional implant treatment. At this stage, the patient's mouth and jaw structure are removed with the help of radiological imaging for the all on four implant technique.
  • If the patient still has a small number of teeth in his mouth, these teeth are removed under local anesthesia before proceeding to all on four implant treatment.
  • It is possible to place the implants immediately if the extracted teeth are compatible with the location of the roots to be placed for the all four implant technique.
  • If the patient's dental measurements are taken and prosthetic teeth are made accordingly, prostheses can be placed after the application of the implant. In this sense, the all on 4 implant technique promises a very practical application to the patients.
  • On the other hand, if the implant was not placed during extraction, it is necessary to wait 3 months before proceeding to the prosthesis. In this process, a temporary prosthesis can be applied to the patient.
  • It is important that you do not interrupt your routine check-ups in the 3rd and 6th months to ensure that the all on four treatment is successful.

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Treatment Price List

Full Arch Implant (Single Jaw)
2.350 €
All On Four (Single Jaw)
1.950 €
Hollywood Smile (For Porcelain)
900 €
Hollywood Smile (For Zirconium)
1.500 €
All On Six (Single Jaw)
2.340 €
Single Implant + Crown
270 €
Zygomatic Implant
5.500 €

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