Advanced Implant Surgery

When a simple implant is worn from the tool to be used in the examination, new solutions should be produced with implant treatment.

About Advanced Implant Surgery

Advanced Surgical implant is one of the methods used to compensate for lost teeth and to give teeth a natural appearance and use. When it is understood during the examination that the patient’s jaw bone density is not sufficient for a simple implant, it is necessary to produce new solutions with surgical implant treatment. In such cases, it is the most used bone grafting method. Thanks to the bone grafting application, implant treatment becomes possible even in patients whose bone structure is not sufficiently dense.

To Do List

  • The first step for surgical implant treatment is examination, as in every health problem. Although the physical examination is important to detect general oral and dental health problems, the most important part of the examination is radiological imaging.
  • Thanks to radiological imaging, it is understood what condition the patient's jawbone is in. Thus, it is decided whether to use a surgical implant or a different application.
  • If the dentist's decision is in the direction of surgical implant surgery, the jawbone structure obtained from radiological imaging should be transferred to the computer environment and analyzed in three dimensions.
  • Along with the 3D imaging, the dentist must place the implant roots in exactly the right position during the implant surgery.
  • After the implant is placed, it should be waited for a period of 2-3 months for it to fuse to the jawbone. As long as the surgical implant treatment is not disrupted by a different complication, at the end of this period, the implant roots fuse with the jawbone and adapt to the mouth structure.
  • After that, the surgical part of the surgical implant method was completed. Now, as in other implant applications, the process ends with the placement of prosthetic teeth on artificial roots.
  • However, the importance of oral and dental care and routine controls after surgical implant construction should not be forgotten. Continuing routine check-ups for 6 months to a year will allow our dentist to detect a potential problem in advance.

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Treatment Price List

Full Arch Implant (Single Jaw)
2.350 €
All On Four (Single Jaw)
1.950 €
Hollywood Smile (For Porcelain)
900 €
Hollywood Smile (For Zirconium)
1.500 €
All On Six (Single Jaw)
2.340 €
Single Implant + Crown
270 €
Zygomatic Implant
5.500 €

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