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Patients from all over the world who are considering dental treatment in Turkey have turned to Dental Centre Turkey. In this industry, we are proud of our reputation. Contact us right now to discover what we can do for you.

Treatment Procedure

Full Implant

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots that replace the teeth lost by the patient in single or multiple missing teeth.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a plastic surgery that aims to make your smile more aesthetic and interesting than its normal appearance. It has contents such as balancing the teeth and extending their length.

All On Four

All on four implant technique, with its simplest definition, is an implant treatment applied with all teeth.

Zygomatic Implant

Zygomatic implants are implants applied to the zygoma bone, called the cheekbone.

Advanced Implant Surgery

When a simple implant is worn from the tool to be used in the examination, new solutions should be produced with implant treatment.

All on Six Dental Implant

All-on-6 implant therapy is a fixed prosthesis procedure that involves inserting six implants at certain angles in patients who have lost teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is all on four dental implant?

In cases where there are no teeth in the lower and upper jaws, in cases where the bone is severely destroyed, in order to escape from the sinuses in the upper jaw, in order to escape from the nerve in the lower jaw, which we call the mandibular nerve, the implants placed in those areas are placed at an angle and a single-piece prosthesis with fixed screws is made on them. it’s called.

If the patient’s bone is sufficient, we make all sixteen in order to increase the number of implants and distribute the force more evenly. 6 implants in the upper jaw, 6 implants in the lower jaw, and 12 crowns on those six implants. In order to distribute it better, the indication of all on four and all on six is made for patients whose bone structure is weakened, sinuses are sagging, and bones are melted in the posterior region of the lower jaw.

Where should bone graft must apply?

The idea that the graft ossifies wherever it is placed is wrong and even this process is a very difficult task horizontally, it cannot be done with bone powder alone. We take bones from the backbone and ribs from another part of the patient, wait 6-8 months, screw them in, and then wait for the bone to form. This is an alternative.

Second, we take bone from the patient’s chin, create a box and put the bone powder in it, otherwise, the vertical bone cannot increase.

These traumatic applications are a painful process and the procedure is 60% successful. In the implant, there are generally 95-96 percent rates and the jaw becomes able to bear that force in the implant, so we do all on four.

What is Zygomatic Implant?

In cases where there is no bone in the upper jaw when there is no bone left to place the implant, there has been a lot of bone destruction in the upper jaw, especially cancer tumour patients, who cannot use a removable prosthesis in any way, and in cases where the bone powder cannot gain bone in any way, long implants extending from the mouth to the cheekbone are used to make the upper jaw prosthesis.

While normal implants are 8-10-12 mm, these implants start from 35 mm and go up to 65 mm. After 4 implants are placed, an over-implant prosthesis is made. It is an implant surgery method applied to people who cannot use a removable prosthesis in a situation where normal implants cannot be made.

The procedure time is 1.5 – 2 hours. Afterwards, the patient continues his life and a temporary tooth is placed on it. The quality and hardness of the zygomatic implant are 3 times better than the jawbone implants, so the zygomatic implant is much more successful in the long term. Because bacteria etc. can come to the bones in the mouth and reach the jawbone, but cannot reach the zygomatic implant. In addition, they are very solid implants in terms of their structure.

Who should have zygomatic implant?

In some cases, if the patient has lost their teeth long ago, if the cyst operation, cancer, jawbone has melted, etc., if there is no bone to be implanted, in these cases, using bone powder.
We can take bone from the solid bones and grind them into bone powder and use them by grinding them into bone powder.

We can create bones with college mendrans or we do procedures that increase the bone volume of the jaw to be implanted, these are called advanced implant surgery. There are many advanced implant surgeries, bone expansion surgery, bone lift surgery, sinus lifting surgery, nerve latarization. surgery, all of these fall into implant surgery, all of these are based on the patient’s condition, the material to be used, the cost, the number of implants, sometimes even the prosthesis option is completely specific to the patient, none of these are standard procedures because no one’s mouth is the same, except in some cases (with uncontrolled diabetes or substance abuse) There is no one who cannot be implanted.


Implant Center of Turkey has Started Accepting Patients

Our implant center clinic located in Bakırköy, istanbul has already started accepting its patients and reflecting the happiness of our patients on their smiles.


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